Husbands inappropriate comments

I have been wanting to leave my husband for a few years. Over the last 6 months I have been in scholars working on my relationship and its been better. I have had better thoughts about myself and him. The last few days have been rough though. Today for example my son went to the ER needing stitches on his face when he slipped and fell on his face. We get back from the hospital and my husband shows him a picture of his face before and now and tells him he is ugly. I feel devestated that he would treat our son like this. At the same time I have stayed as long as I have to protect my kids when he gets like this. I am not sure how I can think about this better, how to help my kids not be effected by his behavior and If I will leave sooner or just keep staying until the kids are older (that reason feels like its more out of fear and doesnt fee right to me).