I can’t believe I am coming to the Modelthon!

I just wanted to tell you how this Self Coaching Scholars has changed my life thus far. I started last June so I am almost a diamond! I have never posted on ask Brooke or asked to be coached live or asked questions on calls, I have listened to every single one of them. The reason is because when I had something to be coached on or a question I would just start doing models or someone would be getting coached on the same sort of thing. So I would solve the problem. Plus I have done all the work. So I really want to come to your life coach school but haven’t figured out the money part yet but I will. So Money has been really tight and I really couldn’t see how I would be able to come. A few weeks ago I asked my husband if he would help me out with it. He said sure no problem, which this has never happened before so really I knew it was a miracle! So I am going about my life so excited that I get to come. I had started having some heart irregularity a few weeks ago and I got a little worried. Tuesday this week my heart was racing and I thought I should get this checked out before I get on a plane Sunday morning. So I go to the ER and they check my heart, they took a CT because they needed to rule out a blood clot in my lungs. So they come back and tell me my heart is fine but they found amass that looks like it might be on my kidney (size of a small grapefruit) and a nodule on my thyroid. They tell me they have no idea what it is and I should go to my family Doctor and get another type of CT. Well do I need to tell you what my brain did? I was so scared, knowing the model keep me sane. So I go to my family Doc who gets me in for a CT next Friday! Next Friday, I was in shock that someone with this size mass would have to wait a week and a half. So I went back and forth about coming I had all these thoughts like what if it burst on the plane and they cant land to save me. What if I get to Texas and I end up in the ER and cant get a med fight home. Oh the thoughts…My daughter is a MSW at the hospital and works closely with a cancer Dr. She told her what was going on and she said “I got her” she got me in for a CT this Sunday at 8 am and called me told me what she could see on the scan that the ER had taken, which was a few things that looked positive. She will be handling things from here on out. My flight was at 8:30 am . So I was thinking I would have to cancel . I was thinking that I would be so worried anyhow that I wouldn’t be able to focus and maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. So I sat down last night to send you an e mail and cancel and yep there was your Friday e mail! I watched the video and went though the steps and realized that I was going to The Modelthon! What happened next really was so awesome. I called Delta to change the flight to later Sunday and it was going to cost $300.00. So I said well I will have to cancel the trip then. The nice CS rep said well tell me why do you have to change the flight. I told him the story and he got me on the 3:30 flight free of charge! I know that if I hadn’t had this year in Self Coaching Scholars my life would have been over last Tuesday. I would have been 24/7 in a thought loop of garbage thinking. In case I don’t get to met you personally I want you to know that I am so grateful for you, who you are in the world and the work you do! I LOVE YOU BROOKE CASTILLO!!!!