I did it !!!

So for the first time last night I was able to use the model without having to write it down as daily homework. My husband came how with a friend around dinner time. As I was in the middle of cooking dinner using my new Christmas gift a Pressure cook machine ( Instant pot ) his friend made a comment about the machine that I didn’t like it.
I want to share it with you because I am so excited that I was able to instantly to tell my BRAIN, wait a second … I won’t accept this thought and we now have a source /ability to turn this around and create the thought you want to have and no longer be a victim of your unsupervised mind. You are now the watcher of your thoughts.

unti model
C- Instate pot machine
T- ye! so what?! He is in my house and insulting me about my machine. How there of him…..
F- annoyed
A- continue to smile at him even thou I was annoyed by him.
R- Stood there, in disbelieve about his comment.

Int model
C- Instant pot machine
T- awesome, he noticed my instant pot machine.
F- cheerful
A- continue to finishing cooking
R- sever dinner filling happy.

So here are the things that I think I need to work on the model. I believe that my result in the unintentional model belong on the action line and not a result. I
I still need a lot of help with how to write a model to better serve me. But I can honestly say that I see some improvement on how I am thinking.