I don’t feel good enough & it isn’t because of my thoughts. It’s the way other people say I behave.

I asked a guy to criticize me so I could improve my dating skills-“Being the bigger person” . He basically approached it in a demeaning way. Said we are from different walks of life (higher income, lower income) , I made him cringe with some of the stuff I did etc. Now I feel uneasy about myself because he didn’t acknowledge his faults at all. He did things wrong but I didn’t want to criticize him because I know how guys are about that & I didn’t want to argue, plus he didn’t ask for advice . He comes from a higher income & acts super nonchalant about stuff, doesn’t apologize , & keeps it moving. It’s actually kind of admirable and I think it’s contributed to his success. I’m wondering now if Im too nice & im some “type “ of girl who can’t be with someone who makes more money than me….

He is from NY, and I’m from a small town in the Midwest. I’m a lot more whimsical than he is, but I do have big dreams and when he was speaking I was like, “well maybe you’ll read about me one day” (because I’m planning on writing a book one day & doing public speaking ). He laughed at me when I said that. I almost feel like I’ve been letting my ego deceive me like I’m not as good or capable as I thought I was because I didn’t have anyone (like someone from NY to compare myself to)

When he was criticizing me, I didn’t really stick up for myself or anything. And I think that’s why I feel so bad. I liked him, but I can’t help but feel uneasy, weak, undesirable, big-headed & dumb like he probably respects me less because I asked him to criticize me & he thinks I’m kissing up to him..