Reason to lose weight.

My goal was to lose 20 lbs, I’ve lost 10 already. But I’ve been stuck on loosing the next 10 – I lose 4, I gain 4 or 5 again, I lose them and then I gain them back. I’ve realized that I have lost my motivation to lose the extra weight.

Initially my motivation was because 1. I wanted my clothes to fit me again – they do now. 2. I wanted to regain my energy – I have great energy. 3. I wanted to look better in pictures, I think I’m looking great.

So there are only two reasons I have left for losing weight: 1. I want to prove myself I can do it – but this one feels like it’s about getting to that weight and not sustaining it, and I don’t want to lose 10 lbs to regain them. 2. Is because I want to – but I haven’t been able to understand why I want to.

How can I uncover a compelling motivation to continue on my weightloss journey?