I don’t feel like it… EVER!

OK, so this is an ongoing inner dialogue of mine, mostly to do with work. In the past and currently, I get stuff done by sheer determination and deadlines, either imposed by me or others. I am looking for a new way to show up and get to massive action WITH JOY and LIGHTNESS. I can just force myself to sit down and do the work but there’s no enjoyment nor does it ever ease – as in even when there’s momentum going, I still wake up in resistance and “don’t feel like it”. I know Brooke says, “I don’t feel like it is not an option” but really? I still find every excuse in the book to not sit down and work despite hearing her voice in my head. My intentional model is below – but I am not able to believe this and use the thought and feeling to actually sit down and do the work. I’d love a breakthrough instead of just forcing myself to work (I even like my work!) – and how to make the new model come to life. Thanks, Julia xx
C: XXX are the items that need doing today
T: I don’t want to do this, I don’t feel like doing this
F: Dread, resistance
A: Don’t get the work done
R: Items don’t get done and procrastination habit grows stronger

C: XXX are the items that need doing today
T: These items are the biggest contributors to feeling really good today (they will give me a great dopamine kick)
F: Lighter, more welcoming
A: Sit down to work with more openness
R: Items get done, dopamine hit, momentum builds, creative flow is unblocked