I just want to feel good

A while back, several months ago, I got coached on a scholars 20min call about following my protocol, and while I’ve had incredible success with weight loss, losing about 75lbs and am at my goal weight, she offered me a though at the end that really helped her, she said “a thought that really helped me when I was losing my weight too was ‘I want to feel good'”

So I’ve attempted to also have that thought, and it’s been one of those things lingering that I’m finally reaching out to get coaching on because this thought isn’t working for me

a) I don’t believe the thought, like it doesn’t resonate with me
b) I’m telling myself it’s not working, so somewhere that’s probably creating the result of it not working.

I ran a model on it, and the tone of the thought creates desperation, and I have a manual for this particular thought, that “it should work”, in other words, it should get me to eat on protocol when I don’t want to. However, I think it’s backfiring. It hasn’t yet sunk in that this is a thought I can take on and off, and I haven’t shifted from this UM yet.

C: Desire/urges for foods that have sugar/flour that aren’t on my protocol
T: I just want to feel good.
F: Desperation
A: Use willpower to try to force myself to eat on protocol, try to convince myself to eat on protocol by reminding myself how good I feel when I do eat on protocol, resist the desire, wish it were easier to follow my protocol, eventually tire out and eat off protocol
R: I feel bad.

Would love some awareness and insight on this model, and how I can start to recognize that it is just a thought, so that I can shift it. What am I missing here?