I lose friends because of husband

We have a catering company and made pre-made meals for a friend’s retreat. The meals were made by our cook 4 days in advance, though with refrigeration they should at least last 5-6 days. I still felt like this was a cheap way to go; I wanted my husband to make the meals at least the day of, to make them like he cared. In addition to the cheap feel, some of the meals had a tomato garnish that some noticed was “furry” with some mold. This ended up triggering one of the attendees into a panic attack because she had mold poisoning previously. My husband apologized, and gave them 60% off the catering.

I have quite a few thoughts of how my husband handled this horribly. He was cheap and didn’t make the meals fresh. I felt like he didn’t take these women seriously, like he was just trying to make a quick buck only. I think he should have gone up and cooked for them at the retreat personally to make up for it. I think he should have apologized better as well and in the end I’m furious because I feel like his stupid actions cost me my friendship with this person(my thoughts, not an actual fact, but I imagine it being awkward if I were to see her again).

I want to support my husband and allow him to talk about how work feels and his side of the story. I also kind of think I “have to” when it comes to supporting him in situations where I don’t agree with his actions because I’m ashamed of what he did.

I also want to smooth this over with my friend, but don’t know how to do it? I want to be able to acknowledge my husband while acknowledging her without bashing my husband. Thanks for the help!