I love my mum but she’s not intelligent

Hi Brooke, Ive been coaching myself on my mum for a while now. Im at the place where i love her and i want to have a relationship with her. Things have been hard and she is constantly accusing me of being inauthentic and treating her like shes stupid. Ive come to the realisation that this is probably true and now im grappling with the thought “my mum cannot cope with the real
Me and my mum is intellectually challenged”. I cant have conversations with her outside of her sphere of interest and undrstanding (very linited). When i do, which is me being authentic, she flips out and is very confronted by me. I am trying to find an intentional thought around the circumstance which is my mum responds in anger and defensiveness to me when i am authentic and cannot follow conversations outside of a few topics because of her level of intelligence. I am practicing “i love my mum and she loves me” “my mum will be angry with me and thats ok” and “sometimes in our relatiinship im the adult and thats ok”. But the intelligence thing has got me stumped. A core belief of mine is the value of intelligent conversation. I love having in depth, exploratory conversations. How can i reconcile this? Thanks so much!