I signup but I don’t show up

I just joined and I am excited but I also recognize that joining another course is a pattern of mine. I’m currently already a member of Rachel Hart’s program and have 3 unfinished self-help books. It’s like if I sign up for something, I feel like that’s progress, but I’ve been a self-help junkie for 20 years with the same problems so there is never progress.

I find programs and/or books, take in all the information and then do nothing with it. Signing up for a new course makes me hopeful that I will change, but I haven’t in 20 years. I need to drop 30 lbs and stop drinking almost every night.

C Signed up for another program
T Absorb as much as you can & do nothing with it
F Hopeless
A Listen to hours and hours but yet do nothing
R Support my original thought