I still don’t believe I can make money as a life coach

I’m terrified, and this belief is really keeping me stuck in scarcity and inaction. I am paralyzed by fear because I really just don’t think it’s possible. I REALLY WANT to believe it’s possible, but I want more EVIDENCE. I don’t want to give up on my goal of becoming a successful life coach, but this belief is completely sabotaging me. I know I need to somehow change this belief, but I don’t know how to!!! What if people don’t want what I have to offer? What if I don’t HAVE anything to offer at all? I’m feeling overwhelmed, and find myself searching the internet researching how to make money as a life coach, I’m searching for evidence. I’d most like to replace my current income, which is high and go a bit higher ($500k). If I could even make $250k as a life coach I’d be happy. Feeling overwhelmed, and discouraged.

I’m doing the impossible goal right now of getting to my goal weight using my thought, and I feel like if I can do it for my weight (which has felt impossible) I could probably do it for anything. I’m just freaking out about it in my head right now. I want so badly to believe, but I just don’t!