i think my brain has gotten worse since joining SCS

After learning the Model, I think a lot of thoughts like:

“There’s no point in doing anything or having a goal if i can just change my thoughts in any circumstance.”
“Why not just lay in bed all day? I can coach myself to be fine if I lose my job. I can be fine if I become homeless. It’s all about my thoughts apparently.”
“Why care if I get sick? If I can just think “I’m supposed to be sick, because I am sick”, why not just go out and live life with no fear of ever getting sick?”
“My ex said words to me that I used to think we’re evil. But now I can’t blame him. It was apparently all my fault I felt the way I did because of my thinking. I’m the one that believed him when he said I was fat, disgusting, worthless, boring, and stupid. It’s my fault I was depressed for four years!”
“Who cares? None of it matters anyway.”
“Why have a relationship with a person if it’s only our thoughts that create the relationship?”
“How can things be fun anymore knowing that I can make anything fun?”
“Why not just go around and say whatever I want to who ever I want and stop caring about other people’s feelings? They’re the ones responsible for how they feel.”
“If debt is neutral, maybe I should just go accumulate a bunch of debt on random things I want, just because I can?! It’s neutral so fuck it!”

I’m a little mad I ended up here.