I want more time with my daughter Part 3

Why don’t you like her spending time with anyone else Scholar? Get curious about what you make it mean when she’s away from you.
Because no one can look after her as well as I do. I’m sick of getting to day care and she hasn’t slept or she’s wearing a nappy when I’ve toilet trained her. I wish I could just quit my job and stay home with her all day. But when I do I get so frustrated at all her tears and saying she’s sad because she wants to see Daddy. I keep telling her she’ll see him on his next day but why do I have to get all the hard time with her and he gets to come in and be the fun one?

Your feelings and happiness are not dependent on spending time with your daughter.
But when I’m away from her I don’t want to be. I just want to get back to her. I don’t enjoy my time when she’s not there.