I work harder than my husband

Three years ago my husband resigned his full time job. I work full time plus have a side business. I have focused my time and energy with SCS over the last 9 months to successfully lose 25 kilograms and give up alcohol. I still have 6 kilograms to go to get to my weight loss goal and I am also doing the work on my 2021 impossible goal. I have a lot of shitty thoughts about my husband not working that run along the lines if “its not fair” and “he is using me”. I have really want to keep all my energies focused on my future goals and feel annoyed at the thought of needing to focus time and energy in cleaning up my thoughts about my husband. At the same time, the more I experience thought work, the more I am thinking that holding this negativity about my husband in my head is going to spill over in to my ability to really achieve my impossible goal.

I have done this model but not sure if a thought can go in the C line?

C I think my negative thought about my husband are not a part of my future self who reaches her 2021 goal
T If I spend time cleaning up my thoughts about my husband its less time that I have to do the thought work for my impossible goal
F Resentful
A I don’t spend time doing thought work about my husband thoughts. I do spend time and head space thinking about how unfair our relationship is about money. I waste money. I don’t talk to my husband about this.
R I am distracted in my impossible goal work.

As I am writing this I am already thinking of many more negative thoughts and thinking of other models all of which I don’t want to be spending time on. My head hurts thinking like this.

Can you help?