Idea manifestation observation

One of the interesting things that I’ve observed from my homework this month is that a “gut-level” knowing thought/feeling combo (like “this is it”, “this is what I want”, “I know it’s the right decision”) have always worked out for me. But until I get that knowing feeling, I dither and flounder and fail to decide. It’s happened with so many things in my life – where I would go to college, where I would do my post-graduate training, who would be my mentor, which job to take, where to live, which car to buy, etc. During the dithering phase, I wasn’t exactly idle. I kept trying to make a decision. But in every case I mentioned, I couldn’t decide until I had an experience where I just knew – “This is it. This is what I want.” And then I followed through with my decision. And they have all worked for me.

What I’m interested in now is what happened during those experiences that made me think “This is it, I know it this is right”? Was it just preference that made me decide this is the one when I walked into my condo after visiting 25 others? Where did that thought come from?

I can see how if I believe the thought “this is it, I know it” is coming from the experience or the situation then I’ve given away all my power and I have to wait for a random event to occur to make me decide and go after something. But if I can generate the thought “this is it, I know it” about anything on purpose – and really believe that it’s true – then I could avoid the whole dithering phase and just make decisions and make things happen.