Identity follow up

Can you explain more about the answer below related to approaching my identity from a place of trust?  Do you mean trust that I know my identity?  Thank you.

Hi, I’m trying to work a model and I’m stuck at the feeling line.  What would be the feeling of identity-less?  I’m trying to understand how I identify now and how I want to identify in the future, but I’m having a bit of trouble understanding how I see myself.  Thank you.

ANSWER:  The thought “I am having a bit of trouble understanding how I see myself” can create different feelings. It can feel like uncertainty, confusion, or disconnection.  Explore the thoughts you bring to your identity exploration and the feelings these thoughts create for you.  What could be different if you chose to feel trust or connection with yourself instead and from that place started exploring your identity?

You might still notice that your brain offers you thought, that you don’t understand how you see yourself. However looking at this thought through the lens of feeling trust can help you move beyond this thought and open yourself up to all the opportunities and ways you want to identify yourself now and in the future.