IF and hunger intensity

I’ve been successful with IF (I actually LOVE it, esp on days that I have back-to-back meetings and the option of lunch isn’t always an option) but have noticed the last couple of weeks my hunger intensity on my IF days at dinner is quite intense. For example, yesterday was an IF day for me so coffee in the morning, water all day and 2 cups of green tea (mainly b/c the AC in my office leaves me freezing). Dinner was chicken with broccoli & mushrooms, a handful of pistachios and a single girl scout cookie (my joy eat) – after I finished I was still feeling hungry. I paid attention to my feelings and wasn’t feeling anything that was going to send me to buffer with food, I was “just” hungry. I drank more water, had a few more pistachios (the ones you have to open so I really don’t eat many b/c I get tired of it) and then did all the things I need to do at night and didn’t eat anymore. I noticed this last week on my IF day, dinner didn’t seem to be enough (and last week I didn’t have the single cookie b/c I was thinking the sugar might’ve triggered a hunger response but it didn’t). I’m very close to my weight loss goal (about 7lbs to go) is this normal with IF at this point? I plan to do another IF day today and will monitor but just curious if this is a normal cycle to expect? THANKS!