If I’m following my protocol and losing weight, is it ok to like my salads? like really like. :-)

I really love good food, especially healthy food. My mouth waters when I think of consuming a yummy green salad. I am not seriously overweight, but when I joined scholars, I thought I’d check out Brooke’s weight program to see if I could lose 15 pounds. Also I wanted to stop thinking about food ALL THE TIME. It used to consume my thoughts. (probably because I thought I needed to eat 6 times a day. I was basically grazing all day long.)
So here is where I am today. I follow my protocol religiously and plan it out prior so I know what’s in my frig and available. I don’t think about it until lunch time when I’m hungry. (I’m also intermittent fasting.) Same goes for dinner. However, when I eat it, I LOVE it. I love my healthy yummy food that is nourishing my body. I no longer eat, crave, or even think about sugar or flour. As a matter of fact, my birthday is around the corner and my family is trying to plan my party and were scratching their heads when I said I didn’t really want cake and ice cream. It just didn’t sound good.
I love the freedom this program brings to free up my head space to work on more important things (like loving my husband, thank you for answering my previous question, I read the answer five times and even teared up a little thinking about what the possibility our future is if I change my thinking.). I have lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks and have more energy. I’m eating cleaner than I have in years, I don’t even eat chocolate or fruit anymore. gasp. So, is it really wrong to love my food??!

PS I will be coming to Dallas for the Life Coach School in August and have already mapped out the restaurants I want to go to based on my dietary restrictions (I am vegetarian). Is that me planning my protocol or being overly obsessed with food? Honestly I don’t think about it much until I’m eating it but when I’m eating it, I’m so in love with my salads. (almost in a don’t talk to me sort of way, which is where I think the problem might be.) I’m laughing out loud right now at how ridiculous this must sound!!! 😀