I’m stuck. Can you help me figure out my new model?

Even though we just finished a whole month of how to change your past, I’m struggling to change yesterday. I made poor choices and buffered almost the entire day away with Netflix and sudoku. It could be worse, I tell myself. At least I wasn’t eating. But I don’t want to simply trade overeatting buffering to other forms of buffering. I know that I was procrastinating my work – the same consultant work I’ve been avoiding and procrastinating all week long, including today, right now even – but I can’t figure out the thought that will help me move forward.

C – Yesterday full of Netflix and Sudoku
T – What a waste. I should know better.
F – Blah, guilt, disappointment
A – Continue to buffer.
R – Stuck in the same circular, destructive behavior.

New model:
C – Yesterday full of Netflix and Sudoku
T – ??
F – Acceptance, determination to keep trying
A – Stop procrastinating, get the work done
R – Move to the next thought model 😉

Am I close? What’s missing? Usually these models make so much sense, especially when studying other people through Ask Brooke and on the calls. But somehow when I look inward, it’s much more confusing. I’m having a difficult time finding a believable thought that feels good and fits.

Thanks so much.