important but non-urgent tasks

Dear Brooke,

I’d love to hear any advice you have on making progress on large long-term tasks when a person already has a full schedule.

I have a full time job and care for my mom with dementia part time. I also live alone and handle all house, car and yard-related matters. Unfortunately I also need a full night’s sleep and can’t function on less than 8-9 hours. So with the other weekly tasks of living like cleaning, cooking, bill paying and not neglecting friends completely I never seem to tackle big projects like cleaning out the basement (important as I have asbestos that needs to be removed once I clear the area), starting a business on the side (very much needed, my salary doesn’t fully cover expenses) and other major but non-urgent tasks. I feel like I would need to take an entire year off work to accomplish these larger tasks.

Would you suggest taking on one at a time and going at it like a madwoman every free moment until it is done? Or chipping away methodically by setting aside X amount of time per week per project and honoring that commitment? Or something else altogether? As it is, I’m toggling between approaches and often just feeling overwhelmed, then giving up altogether.

Thank you for *everything*! Self coaching scholars is the best program ever.