Impossible Goal $140k

How does this look? What else can you see?

– I make $15.20 at Nordstrom
– I don’t have any new clients
– I don’t have a full time job
– I am afraid to take on clients
– I don’t know if I even want to build this business
– I am not a good enough web designer
– That’s way too much money
– I will have to always be working
– I don’t want to work that much
– My package is only $3500
– My package is too much
– I don’t think anyone would pay that
– Idk how to lead a client through a project
– I can’t get clients
– I hope that they won’t work with me
– I don’t believe in myself
– I can’t even think of how that could even happen
– A year is not a lot of time
– There’s no way I can do that
– Maybe having debt isn’t so bad
– I don’t have enough time
– I’m too self absorbed
– I’m not smart enough
– I suck with money
– I haven’t been budgeting at all
– All I do is buffer
– I am too afraid
– I like to buy things
– I don’t have enough skills
– I can’t do it
– I am way too weird and awkward
– I don’t want to make mistakes and fail
– I don’t want to hate myself

– I will do 2 consults a week
– I can sell 20 websites at $3500
– I can sell 15 websites at $5000
– I will allow the feeling of fear
– I will commit to building this business for 1 year
– I can practice, do research, change my T about not being a good enough web designer
– I can question the T that I will have to work all of the time
– I can be willing to fail, make mistakes and learn how to lead a client through a project
– I will budget with YNAB, personal and business budgets
– I will use my urge jar when I allow the urge to go off calendar
– I will be kind to myself after stepping outside of my comfort zone