Impossible goal

Dear Brooke , I listened to your podcast today and tried to answer my own question first – but didn’t come up with answer , need your input –
– my impossible goal is to more then one sentence – make passive income and quit my day job – become an entrepreneur and be my own boss , want to make $300 000.
Question number one – is it too broad of the goal ?
It sure feels totally impossible – makes me feel nauseous .
I am up to quarter 1 with failures – listed 25 , what do I do now ?
Start trying what I listed as brainstorm?
One of the ways is me becoming a distributor of CBD products while I’m still working – I already created some activity around it and invested substantial amount of money – haven’t received the product yet and will be devastated if I loose this money .
Are the failures just our imagined as exercise or we are in this for real ?
Because , I’m sure serious about my impossible goal , I’m all in – just don’t know if it is impossible enough is I already have some ideas how to achieve it .
Thank you