Stop Overeating Seminar an Asset

I just finished watching the Stop Overeating section in Assets. SO GOOD! I can’t believe that was included. Talk about value.

I am not overweight, but I do use food as a buffer ( Ben and Jerrys in bed watching Netflix is my go to)

I am constantly trying to transform my body with working out and meal plans. Yet, in the past have always gone two steps forward, one step back. It is now clear to me that thought work and allowing urges is the missing link to achieving my goals.

There is one woman in the video who is sitting kind of front and centre with her back to us who are watching. She reminds me of my Mom. The one who loved Pizza as her desired food. I loved her, and I am so curious how thing turned out for her?

I thought I would ask since it is entirely possible that she is a SCS coach now or something.