Impossible Goal (CAC)

Hi Brooke,

I previously chose a health goal for my impossible goal because I believe it would bring multiple levels of benefit to my life but when I’m making my plans and doing thought downloads my mind keeps wandering to a different goal of completing my home renovation as my impossible goal. I’ve been steadily working towards this existing goal for almost 5 years and it occupies every bit of free time including mental free time so it would be a massive accomplishment. I didn’t initially choose it as my impossible goal because it no longer feels impossible after doing the September work (it feels hard, but certainly possible if I make a plan and follow it 100%). Can this still be my impossible goal? You said we would know the goal was big enough if we feel fear/uncertainty after we set our goal but the thought that this time next year I could host my family for Christmas in my completed home only fills me with so much excitement. The thought that I have a lot to do to make this happen makes me feel motivated. I, truthfully, might not fully succeed because its a lot of work still and a lot more $$ but I’m not feeling any feelings of uncertainty. I’m not really afraid to fail at any of my goals anymore because I know I’ll still make big improvements even if I dont fully succeed (Thanks to you!). Is this goal big enough?

Thank you in advance! I’m so enjoying scholars.