Impossible Goal Fails

Hi! As part of my impossible goal, I wanted to start a podcast (impossible – I don’t know anything about technology, recording, I don’t have equipment, no one wants to hear what I have to say, etc.) and I want to have 1000 downloads by March 31 (really impossible – I don’t have a following, no email list, no clients of any kind, I have no idea if anyone even wants the information I have to offer, 1000 is way too many).
After struggling to figure out how to record and publish a podcast (and coaching myself through the fear and anxiety of being public like that), I woke up today, March 1, to see that I have 1,016 downloads.
WHAT? I don’t even know how it happened! Except I do – I just showed up every week for two months, putting together content I think is important to have in the world, and offered it to a couple people I thought could use it. I posted links to a FB group I’m a part of, that’s it.
Now I’m wondering what else isn’t impossible.
What else isn’t going to be a fail?
I guess my point is – do the self coaching, show up, and incredible things can happen, and I wanted to say thank you to the community of coaches and scholars here because doing this work together is invaluable.