Impossible Goal, maybe?

Hi Brooke,

You coached me last week about my back pain. I’ve been reading Dr Sarons work and its very relevant. Thanks for the suggestion!

Everyday when I think about my impossible goal, to run a 5k, it seems less and less impossible. Should I change my goal? I also want to reach my goal weight, which means losing about 50 pounds – 28 years old and 5’8” – but then doesn’t seem that interesting or that it will push me to grow.

I have fear of injuring myself when I think about getting in shape to play a pick up soccer game or doing CrossFit . Should I choose one of these to be my goal?

Health is the type of year long goal I wanted to focus on because I plan to graduate in May and start a job this summer and thus have no idea where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing.