Impossible Goal – What are my Actions?

Hello! I’d love some guidance around determining what my actions are for my Impossible Goal

My impossible goal is to live in Europe. I’ve downloaded everything from the Vault, and have listened/watched all the webinars. I’ve done the workbook – and I have my 25 fails for the 1st Quarter listed, etc. But now feel stumped. What do I do now? What are my actions?

Are the “fails” my actions? In the “Year of Doing the Impossible” webinar with Lauren, she said that the “fails” are not my actions…so now I think I’ve confused myself with too many downloads and documents.

Can you help clarify how I get from all my brainstorming about who I need to be, what the challenges are, etc, to an action plan?

C – My goal is to live in Europe
T – I need a path to get started – what are my actions?
F – frustrated
A – look for the answer in the vault, then watch another webinar and get overwhelmed and more confused, feel disappointed that I can’t figure this out, and then worry that I should’ve picked a different goal
R – no action plan to follow – no movement towards my goal.

Any recommendations?
Thank you!