Impostor syndrome & scarcity

Hi Brooke!
I hope you’re doing fine! I was listening to a Money Q&A and realised I suffer from two negative thoughts related to my programme (Learning how to learn English): because I believe that anyone could do the same I’m doing, that is to say gather lots of material and put them together, I also believe that I’m not adding value to the lot. Anybody could do that. Impostor syndrome, right? And since anybody could do that, someone is probably out there about to “steal” the idea from me! I ran two different unintentional models on those thoughts.
C – programme’s value
T – anybody could do the same as I’m doing
F – self-diffidence, doubt, impostor
A – I keep on thinking, I don’t get to work on my programme
R – anybody could NOT work on my programme, as I’m doing!
T – anybody can steal this idea and do the same as I’m doing
F – fear, scarcity, lack
A – I don’t record my podcasts and keep changing my mind about the episodes’ content and order
R – nobody benefits from my programme, not even me
Intentional models
T – I add my own unique value to my programme’s uniqueness
F – self-confident
A – I keep on improving my programme
R – I make my programme as unique as I am
T – I share amazing ideas so that everyone can benefit from them.
F – generous, abundant
A – I record my podcast, put it online and tell the whole wide world
R – I take part in the world, I give and I receive again and again!
What do you think about that?
Thank you so much and have a great day!