In Absence Of A Strong Why

I started a weight loss food protocol about 2.5 months ago.
I had an upcoming trip and decided to do a 60-days food protocol experiment, which I adhered to on a daily basis and by the 60th day I lost 25 pounds!

Then I went on a vacation and decided in advance on a certain protocol, where I will allow myself to eat flour and sugar but no snacking, no alcohol, and I adhered to that as well.

Upon return from the vacation I found out that I gained 6 pounds over 12 days (ouch!) and since I returned three days ago I have increasing urges for flour and sugar, which I rewarded and kept postponing resuming my protocol again.

So, looking back I can see that I had a very appealing why (looking good in clothes during my vacation) and a date to aim at.
Now that I am back, I need to create an artificial why and/or date for myself in order to continue my weight loss. I have 33 more pounds to lose.

So, the last few days my brain kept telling me that “one more day postponing resuming the protocol won’t matter,” and when I believed that, it made me of course, eat whatever I wanted and push back starting again.

I have two questions:
1. If I don’t have an upcoming event or trip as my strong why, how can I create an artificial one to get myself to resume the protocol?
2. Is it normal to have such strong urges all over again, even though for 60 days I did not touch flour and sugar and ate according to protocol every single day?

Thank you!