In Deep Shit

I have been working at the same large government organization for the last five years. I was recruited from my previous job because my resume is good and I have a Master’s Degree. To say this job has been unchallenging and boring is an understatement. I basically hand-hold high level government employees through processes that a five year old could figure out. After doing this easy job everyday, I feel I’ve lost my edge. Use it or lose it, as they say. Each year, I’ve received a raise and, as such, I now make way more than I should for what I do.

I just found out that my company lost their contract to a competing organization. They have informed me that I am invited to apply for my current job. That’s all fine and good. I’m okay with that. Here’s my issue: my job is so easy and pays me well, far better than anyone I know with the same job title and skill set.  I feel like I’m in deep shit because I probably won’t be able to find a comparable job that pays me at my current rate. And yet, I’m in debt to my eyeballs and live paycheck-to-paycheck, a result of income creep and bad financial habits. My hubs is in his last semester getting Mechanical Engineering degree. We should be okay about a year from now. But, I don’t want to be just ‘okay.’ I want to be amazing, wealthy, and awesome.

I am insecure about my lost abilities, of losing everything if don’t figure out a way to pay my bills. I’m actively looking for jobs now and just want help managing my mind around this situation.