in distress about eating

i need help. i have tried many eating protocols but could not stick to them – IF, no sugar/no flour and was losing weight – then i would binge because i felt restricted and was very hungry. so then i added back breakfast to see if that would help but i still find myself eating when i am not hungry and eating bites off of plan and even overeating healthy food. i have done this abnormal eating behavior for so long i just cant break it. i am starting to regain some of the weight i lost and i am extremely distressed. i even did a 16 week intensive program with a life coach school coach last year and i am already back to my old habits. i feel distressed and like i will never get this. i feel like since i am failing the life coach school i have no hope of ever overcoming this. i am so upset i feel like i am about to have a breakdown. i am spiraling out of control. what do i do?