In maintenance, now what

I lost 55lbs and have been in maintenance since February 2020. I allow myself a 10lb maintenance range because it’s unrealistic to think the weight will never fluctuate. I have overeats at least 3-4 days a week and I hardly ever gain. My problem is, I want to tone and have a six-pack, but due to me not gaining weight, I justify my overeats. Do I need to work on my thought “you’re not going to gain go ahead and finish that sandwich” or ” it will require you working out more to tone and get that 6 pack abs that’s all”. I don’t feel guilty but I know the overeats prevent me from achieving my goal of having a 6 pack and being toned. As I’m typing this I just realized I don’t feel guilt but I do feel regret and dread at the thought of having to work harder to achieve my new goals. Now that these new feelings have surfaced, what can my intentional model be?