inconsistent protocol – gained 4 lbs

I have a tutoring call scheduled but it’s not for awhile. I keep going in a out of control cycle with eating. I try and do the 2 a day meals 10-6. But I’m so hungry by 2-3pm and rarely get through it. I than give myself permission to eat a few pistachios. But than my brain tells me I went off my protocol so than I eat whatever. Not sure if I’m just not eating enough? Should change my first meal? I’ve been doing greek yogurt, with a oat/nut granola (no flour) with blueberries or banana and lately I’ve been adding a spoonful of peanut butter to help add some fat. This is at around 10am. does it matter what I eat, or I just need to get through the hunger for more days. just scared I’m not eating enough and will never become fat adapted. I was doing so well with losing 12 lbs, but all of a sudden gained 4 back. So discouraging.