Indecision and doubt around impossible goal

Hi Brooke! I set an impossible goal to exercise daily. I’ve consistently been doing the thought downloads and tackling my unintentional thoughts. But every day, many times a day, I question whether it is the “right” goal – would another goal serve me better? I’m having trouble shifting this thought. The model I have is:
C impossible goal
T it’s yearlong – very important to pick my goal wisely
F indecision, doubt, conflicted
A consider other options, analyze, stall, resist committing
R Reduced progress, at risk of switching goal

My intentional model is:
C impossible goal
T the goal is less important than the process of massive action
F freedom
A commit to goal
R make progress

I’d like to check my model because the indecision remains so strong.

I believe this is a really key issue for me because I see this pattern of indecision undermining my commitment in many areas of my life. I feel confident in my actual abilities and work ethic once I commit, but I lack confidence in my ability to make strong decisions.

Despite working with the belief “there’s no such thing as a bad decision” for many months, I haven’t shifted my belief that there are good choices and poorer choices, even if I do my best to make every decision a good one. Even as I acknowledge outcomes can be unpredictable it feels “true” for me that some decisions will be better than others.

How can I shift this habit of indecision?

As I write this I feel such a strong urge to change my impossible goal!