Model and the 2018 Goal

Hi Brooke,

My 2018 impossible goal is to make 10K in revenue from my online courses. I can do this easily in other areas of my work but have never done it with online courses exclusively. To kick it off I have a 6 week program I am promoting for Jan and have had no one sign up for yet.

My UM:

C: No sign ups for course yet
T: I have nothing of value to share
F: defeated
A: stop promoting and creating content
R:no one signs up and course isnt finished

Having trouble with the new model because something super positive doesn’t seem believable yet so I came up with:
C: same
T: I am testing ways to speak to my audience
F: interested
A: keep promoting and experimenting
R: gain a better understanding of my audience and what they want/ need

Any feedback?