Indecision – follow up

Dear Brooke, Thank you so much for coaching me about indecision. I feel on the brink of a big breakthrough but there is one part that’s getting in the way I would really value your thoughts on.

You wrote “You feel that strong urge to change because of your fear, which means it’s the perfect goal for you.” I know that I have fear. On the other hand indecision feels so stressful to me that I have a very strong desire to make strong decisions.

The part that I think that causes me to be stuck is that I have not yet been able to shift is the belief that there are good decisions and bad decisions. For example although I am quite sure you’d have done a truly amazing job if you had continued to manage your hair salon, it looks like a “better” decision to have switched to life coaching…the role seems like it’s more aligned with your passions and your contribution in the world so much greater. In my own life, say, loosing my temper feels like a bad decision and taking my time to cool down and make a measured response feels like a good decision.

I think what I’m deeply afraid of is regret. Taking a decision means letting go of the other lives that might have been. I can see that staying in indecision keeps me stagnant and will end in regret. But that feels less painful than the fear of “making the wrong choice”.

My unintentional model is:
C: Decision to be made
T: There are good decisions and poor decisions
F: Stressed
A: Test, research, analyse, prevaricate
R: Hesitant to make decisions until I reach a clear “yes”. Yes decisions go well, proving the thought there are good decisions.

How can I shift this T, that feels so true?

I’ve a feeling this could change everything.