Indulgent Emotion: Overwhelm

My husband and I have moved through a fight and it opened his eyes to how important I am to him. He’s consistently affectionate and warm, which is a departure for me. I am creating overwhelm with my thoughts and I’d like to move to openness. If the emotion is indulgent, I get familiar with it, feel it, and make space for it so I know it, and then work to change it?

Also, Could you please help me with the results in my unintentional & intentional model?
Unintentional model:
C: Husband is consistently affectionate.
T: His attention is kind of a lot for me
F: Overwhelm
A: To stew. To hold him at arms length. To resist him.
R: I close myself off

Intentional Model:
C: Husband is consistently affectionate
T: His affection is refreshing
F: Open
A: Lean into it; embrace it; feel it
R: I create ….
Thank you