Indulging in confusion/overwhelm

When I hear Brooke coach and the client says “I don’t know” and Brooke says “you do know”, sometimes that helps me. There are certain situations where I can see myself indulging in confusion, I hear Brooke’s voice said “you do know” and I am able to answer myself.

However, there’s a few things in my life at the moment where I truly, truly, feel like I do not know. Probably because I know things will be 50/50 no matter what, so I wonder “why does it matter?”

I recently moved to a new city. It’s fine. I don’t love it, but I know I could eventually love it with thought work if I wanted to. Currently, I find myself dreaming of moving back. I assume it’s because I don’t like my original reasons for moving here, but I digress.

I’m tempted to just move back, but I feel like I haven’t given this new town enough of a chance. My original city has it’s “cons” as well, just like everything in life! If it’s neither here nor there, how am I supposed to decide?

I get a little jealous of people who feel pulled to be in a certain location due to family, a job, friends, owning a home, etc. I feel like I have nothing keeping me in any one specific city/location. I think some people would love this level of freedom, whereas I find it overwhelming to have so many options. It’s a level of freedom I certainly don’t want to give up, but I hate it at the same time! Mind is a bit all over the place lately with this.