Input? Being Humble.

Hey! So, I just got off a tutor session. I didn’t do thought work with the session and I probably should have.

I keep coming back to the question of what’s wrong with me? Others see me as very confident and give me constant feedback of how I inspire them. I do deeply care to help people, but I find I get impatient because they are stuck. I also understand that people have had a whole pre-existing life before our connection and that will form all their opinions and thoughts. I have found that I will talk to people and those who are educating me– and think, yeah, I know all this, or I think they are wrong and it won’t apply to me. I have listened to your podcasts a million times, I have gone through your stop over-eating to understand people better. So, I wonder WHY I find myself always saying that in my head. Do other people do this often? I WANT to be teachable and humble. I have 6 kids, I am compassionate and focus on intentional thought work. Any advice on this subject?
One of my intentional thoughts is to be humble, deeply care and to have fun.
Am, I just messin’ with my head?

C: learning
T I have learned so much that I know everything, I know more than others
F people are stupid (is that a feeling? lol)
A perhaps I talk down to people, I don’t think I do, I try to be aware of this…
R I feel less connection (my goal is to deeply connect with people)

I also wonder, you don’t really understand or know me, my family and friends and neighbors think of me as a very generous kind, thoughtful person. So I am confused ‘ha ha ha ha ha.