You have helped me solve soooo many issues! I cannot thank you enough for teaching me how to self-coach myself.

I became a VIP this month!! So excited! I just wanted to let you know about the issues your coaching has helped me with.
1. I am 64 years old (a very young 64 btw) and have four wonderful kids from 36 to 44. I raised them as a single mom. Son number 1 is an orthopedic surgeon at Wake Forest, my next is my daughter who is a California State Attorney in Sacramento, my next is an MBA project manager for a medical device company, and my last is a 33 year survivor of Leukemia that got meningealencephalitis, Hep C from transfusions (3 years old at diagnosis for Leukemia), Polio, osteonecrosis of his left hip, and epilepsy from the encephalitis which he had at four years old. We are a very tight family and I’ve had my current husband now for 20 years which is a major record for me. (3 other tries). My kids have given me 14 grandkids. I was a military wife for 20 years and lived away from all my kids so when he retired from the Air Force I said it’s my turn to be near my family and with or without you, I’m moving to Utah (we were in Georgia). He went with me to Utah (I knew he would) and we were there for 3 years. I had to learn a huge lesson! When your kids grow up and get careers and families of their own, mom is not as important as she used to be. About the time I was getting super sad because my son in Utah (the MBA who has five of my grandkids and yes they are Mormon) didn’t seem to have the time for me, never called me or invited me to events my grandkids were in only because the entire freaking family has ADD.. I joined SCS. In a matter of just a few months I realized I had written manuals for all my kids on how they were to treat me and they were not to deviate from the manual or mom would become needy and weepy and miserable. Thing is, I was the only one miserable. So I conference called them all, told them about the manuals, that I did an awesome job raising them, time to cut the umbilical cord and live their lives without the guilt I was placing on them for not calling me and that I knew that when they missed me, they would come to me. Wow! What a huge relief for all of us. My husband and I picked up and moved to where we want to be in Palm Coast, Florida four miles from the beach and life is super good.
2. Your coaching on the past was huge to me also. I had to do a ton of self coaching for this one. I am a Diplobrat, kind of like a Military Brat but my dad was with the State Department taking us to live in Beirut, Lebanon, Germany, and lots of other countries. I played with little kids in Syria, rode a camel around the pyramids and sphinx, was evacuated from the 1967 Arab-Israeli war… you get the picture. I had an amazing upbringing living as a Diplobrat from age 11-18. Then my parents told me and my siblings to get a life when we graduated and I was lost. Brats grow up thinking they don’t have roots. Well, in all honesty, we don’t. We have a hard time getting close to people because everyone we meet moves away so socializing involves loss. I have always felt the need to move every 3 years. I was a mess. They you came along! Although I am proud of my past, and having nothing disastrous to overcome, it was keeping me from becoming a normal person that stays in one place. (now I just change my furniture around ALOT). I have peace, I have reinvented myself. I came across a quote a few weeks ago that touched me so much and applied to my life. Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything… Maybe it’s un-becoming everything that isn’t really you… so you can be who you were meant to be ​in the first place .~ unknown”. this has inspired me to build my coaching around this theme and I’ve named my biz “Un-becoming You” . It’s for women over 50 that lived a life they were never happy with and now that retirement is ahead, time to un-become themselves. You inspired this in me!
I am retiring as a nurse next year. I have been a workers comp case manager for the past 10 years, and in the last six months I have been able to help most of my injured workers deal with injuries, pain, stop the buffering and opioid use, and feel their feelings about their injuries and feel the pain. I can’t tell you how rewarding this is to me to see how I have helped them! Once again, I may not always participate in the calls, but I’m there and I am soaking up everything you give me because it is priceless! Love you Brooke!