Insight on my Model Buffering? I Need a Result

C Ate piece of bit-a-honey
T This is small not a lot of calories in my protocol and tastes better than the apple.
F satisfied
A Starting to get hunger signs or is it just grumbling from having done a model 10 minutes ago about wanting to buffer with food. When had the grumbling looked at the clocks to “figure out” if it is lunchtime. Shouldn’t be because I ate breakfast at 9:30 am today. Thought maybe I am hungry because I did not eat late yesterday and ate breakfast much later than usual. But that does not make sense because I ate later so I shouldn’t be hungry. hunger scale -1. Took two bites of apple that has been in the refrigerator that I ate before and it did not taste ripe enough. After taking the two bites it still tastes “funny” not ripe? I don’t know why I would think that it would taste ok to eat. Figured out I should have never saved it in the refrigerator. So decided to eat bit-a-honey and was satisfied and did not eat any more.
R what is my result?

Thank you for helping me with my model and insight.