Instagram Intrigue

I follow a woman on Instagram. I find her very inspiring. She is beautiful, in great shape, looks like an amazing mother, and seems so kind every time I talk to her. They are always taking trips and just built an amazing home. I think my model is:

C: Follow woman on Instagram
T: I wonder how she does it? (Meaning afford the beautiful home, trips, beauty)
F: Intrigued
A: Spend time staring at her Instagram, scroll around, sometimes have a snack while doing it. Don’t go to bed early, don’t plan my days, my life, ask myself, “how I could do it too?”
R: I keep focusing on how she can do it and not on how I could do it

I think I love following her because I want these things for my life and family too. It seems like they are having so much fun and such an amazing life. I want to get to the place where I too am taking trips and can renovate my home beautifully.

C: Follow woman on Instagram
T: I want that too or if she can do it so can I
F: Driven or Inspired
A: Plan the trip, house Reno etc. for my family, figure how much money we need and create it, focus on my life and creating it, making it so amazing and fun, don’t think about how she is better than me or time scrolling, don’t look at my accounts or worried about money.
R: Create the life that I want