Instructions for Newbie & Crafting a statement for belief

Hello Brooke. This is my first month. I don’t yet have my box of goodies. I feel completely lost trying to start without the box in hand. I don’t know which page and from which book I am supposed to be doing homework on, so that I can print that page until my box arrives. I gather I should be crafting a statement to work on for belief. I want to use something related to health improvement but could use some advice on crafting a statement related to that. Ideally, I want to get to a place of feeling amazing, better than I’ve ever felt, without the need for medication to manage fibromyalgia pain, and without continuing to identify with fibro, and resolving all other issues related to thyroid and perimenopause. I want it to no longer be a part of my life. I can’t remember what it feels like to feel physically well. Thoughts? Suggestions? Is that too big a goal for this month? It should be positive, present tense, correct?

Thanks much!