Intentional models

I am struggling with what to put into the C-Line in an intentional model when I use it together with an unintentional model to change my thought – is it always the exact same thing that I have put into the C-line of the corresponding unintentional model? From the instructions and my 20-minute-coaching session I understand that an intentional model is done with the purpose of changing your thought pattern and always done from the bottom up starting with the desired result or feeling – if this is true, do I need a circumstance in my intentional model at all?

Unintentional model:
C Since having the baby, I don´t wear makeup anymore
T I am ugly without makeup
F inadequate
A I don´t take time with my appearance, I have a “who cares, no one sees me“-attitude, I don´t make time for myself
R I don´t look as good as I could

Intentional model:
C ?
T I am beautiful exactly as I am even without makeup
F self-loving
A I accept and love myself exactly as I am, I practice self-care, I take care of my body in other ways than putting on makeup, …
R I feel beautiful without makeup

Thank you