Intermittent fast timing or thought error? (SM)

I’ve been intermittent fasting by skipping breakfast (so essentially a 16 hour fast when I eat dinner at 9pm and lunch at 1pm). I have been able to consistently lose weight every week (about 12 lbs in two months). Sometimes however, such as last night, I was very hungry and I ate my planned food plus also some ice cream and potatoes (off protocol).

I realize that my model last night was:
C: Dinner time, and ate what I planned to eat
T: I’m still hungry and I have nothing else to eat. I may not be able to sleep on an empty stomach. If I eat the food available I’ll feel satisfied and can sleep.
A: Ate ice cream and potatoes
R: Slowed down fat burning

I find that my dominant thoughts when I’m hungry are that I won’t be able to sleep or won’t be able to concentrate, both of which actually happen to some degree.

Should I try to fast during the day instead by stopping eating after lunch? Or is this merely a thought error that I should fix with a different thought?