Intuitive Eating and Stop Overeating Protocol

Hi Brooke. I’m just curious what your thoughts are on the whole Intuitive Eating movement that seems to be everywhere lately. I thought for a while that I wanted to learn how to be an Intuitive Eater – signed up for a couple courses, listened to a bunch of podcasts, etc. – but I couldn’t get around the fact that I still wanted to lose weight and live in a smaller body. And wanting to change your body/weight seems to be something that intuitive eating doesn’t really support. You’re just supposed to listen to your body and whatnot.

While I would would LOVE to think that I’d make great healthy choices if left to my own devices, I can guarantee you that I am not at a place to do that. Intuitive Eating with my current “broken intuition” sounds like a setup for disaster. So I guess, other than just hearing your thoughts and opinions on Intuitive Eating, my question would be: Do you think that it’s possible to follow the NSNF protocol and still get to a place of intuitive eating?