Is abundance available to all?


I am worried that if I create abundance for myself, there won’t be a way for all other people to also get abundance.

A piece of evidence my brain has gathered for this is seeing that employees are paid less than business owners. And I don’t see how the equation of how much each person gets paid can change – if a business owner wants to sell something for a certain amount and make a profit, for sure the creation of that item needs to cost less money.

If I start a business and I make a million dollars, then I think that it’s not possible for my employees to also make a million dollars. It feels like there’s always an imbalance. And I don’t want to contribute to this imbalance.

Only a few of us can really be rich, only a few of us can really live in luxury.

These are all thoughts and they feel so real.

Here’s a model for this, not sure if I have it quite right:

C: Thinking about manufacturing in my business
T: Only a few of us can really be rich, only a few of us can really live in luxury
F: Distraught
A: Avoid working on my business, avoid scheduling the next tasks, worry about the fairness of the world
R: I don’t create the income I want. I don’t create luxury for myself

(Is this a good model?)

Here’s another thing that’s bothering me about these kinds of thoughts: I’m not even sure what to put in the circumstance line for this to make it more apparent that the thoughts aren’t necessarily warranted.

For example:

C: Business A has profits of $1,000,000 per year. I don’t know how much pay the owner takes home. A position on their website has a salary of $75,000.
T: There’s always an imbalance
T: $75,000 is not enough

Or here’s another one:

C: A product can be sold at $60. It costs $20 to manufacture. After all expenses the profit for the owner is $20.
T: The people who work in manufacturing can never have luxury

Ok, this last model opened it up a bit. I can see that I can think all kinds of things, including that the manufacturer is making the same amount as the owner (but — what about the employees!?).

It’s like I’m trying to create results in other people’s models. I’m trying to be part of the “solution” in the world. Part of this assumes that those employees can’t create their own results and I need to provide that circumstance for them. I think I’m getting stuck a bit because it seems like the math can never work out for the people doing the work to create the products as much money as those owning the business. That’s a thought and I don’t even have the math in the circumstance line to show it. Also, things can change. People have agency to create new more efficient solutions to how their job is done, etc.

I’m pretty much confused and sad about this whole thing.

Here’s another model:

C: Business idea to sell product
T: I am contributing to the suffering of the world if I create this product
F: Ashamed
A: Don’t go forward with creating this product, question my choices, re-think decision to create physical product in business, could I create a digital product instead?
R: ?

Yeah, I’m really having a hard time seeing how everyone has opportunities available to them within the current manufacturing process that are available to me to run my business.

I’d love your help in unraveling this thinking a bit so that I can create abundance for myself, knowing that others are also free to create abundance for themselves and I’m not taking away from anyone else.