Is budgeting having money?


I am going through the money training again. There is so much information there! Thank you.

I am trying to practice having money.

It seems like it’s hardly in the bank and then it’s gone again.

Sometimes the bank is negative, so when it’s finally in the bank, I don’t get all of it.

I have uncovered my old money beliefs and my title is, There’s Not Enough. Such a sad story!

I’m changing it to I Have More Than I Could Ever Spend.

I’m in the process of creating digital products to sell on my website, and I have this *other* belief that I will be in debt until I launch. I keep thinking that as soon as I get this course created, then I’ll be okay.

And then you added that other money training. It’s GOLDEN! It’s how I discovered my other limiting belief.

So, when I practice having money, am I suppose to do this through a written budget?

I’m trying to open to the possibility of money coming in from other sources or in other ways. I have a lot of value on my site already. It’s all free. As money leaves my bank account, paying for things that allow me to add that value, can just changing my thoughts about those expenses be the ‘having money’?

I feel so delusional.

Like it can’t really be that easy.

Do I need to have cash?

I don’t quite understand this spending capacity I want to have each month vs the net value I’m creating in my life.

It’s so hard to believe that I can create that much value and the money will just show up. Especially when I’m spending so much time creating a course that nobody has access to yet. Crap. I suppose that’s a time belief.

Any thoughts so appreciated.