Is it an urge if it’s very fleeting ??

New Scholar here. I joined SCS to clean up my thinking in general and am starting with your overeating program. I have about 5 pounds to lose to get down to my dream weight. I’ve noticed a big difference between “urges.” Sometimes it’s very clear that I am so desiring to eat to calm myself down, and I can feel a lot of unease in my body and a kind of desperateness to eat. More often there’s just this fleeting desire to eat..It’s as if a thought of “wanting to eat” comes flitting into my brain, I become aware of it, don’t feel anything much going on in my body, and then the “urge” is gone maybe 5-10 seconds later. I do not think I am surpressing these fleeting thoughts….Just curious if these would be considered actual urges or simply habitual thinking or ??? I do have a decades long pattern of using food to soothe. Many thanks!