Is letting go just a way to avoid discomfort?

I call this “wanting of a business” because my actions have not actually resulted in a business despite years of thinking about, taking half actions, and pursuing a side hustle/own business in fits and starts that have made very little money. I have had coaching on this with 2 coaches, both of whom advised shelving the idea of starting a business for a predetermined time while I focus on weight loss. When first suggested, I felt very reluctant about this, as it felt like giving up on a dream, but now am excited and relieved about it, because I can see how giving up the indecision and inaction I’ve had going on for literally YEARS will help me use my mental energy to get movement in weight loss and other projects and therefore “build my commitment muscle,” as one of the coaches so aptly put it. I was also remembering how when I finally truly let go of so desperately wanting a boyfriend or to be dating at all times – I “swore off” – that I finally started dating my husband, and I see a parallel to this idea of letting go of the wanting of a business.

However, I wonder if my newfound excitement is just my brain being happy that it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable with ACTUALLY starting a business. It was my impossible goal for 2019, but I switched (back) to focusing on weight loss with the Urge Jar. I did take some actions toward starting up, but did not really get going. I have a lot of mental work to do in both areas (WL and business). 🙁 . Brooke always says “like your reason.” I’m not sure I do, even though I’m excited and relieved with the idea of putting the wanting of a business on hold for a while . . . thoughts on this?